Bringing Women's Well-being to the fore in the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area through local groups and events that support an engaged, committed, practical and dedicated focus on self-care to take into our daily life to build a solid foundation.

Promoting the benefit of self-care for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Promoting the ripple effect of self-care in every aspect / corner of our lives


It is who we are

and the quality we bring to what we do

that effects true change.

Lucy Dahill

How can we not be upstanding when there is so much mis-representation of women, what we are supposed to value and how we are supposed to live in the public domain?! I have a passion for creating space to question what we have taken as 'normal' to decide if we still want to subscribe to it. From personal experience, I found when I subscribed to what I was told I 'should be' and 'should do' according the media, culture and society, I found myself exhausted from being good and doing the right thing to fit in. I now have a way of living that I feel has given me a new lease on life and the opportunity to live it to the full and it is from that lived space that I love to share for others who may be questioning if they too can sustain the standards they have subscribed to. I work as a Youth Worker and Parent Educator running programs in schools and the community.

Laura Wozniak-Lloyd

I’m a local Ku-ring-gai resident, businesswoman, wife and mother.   My own personal health journey with autoimmunity led me to leave my corporate role and found my own health & nutritional coaching business, Feed YOU First.


I am passionate about two things: helping others to learn about themselves and cooking & nutrition.  I have much wisdom to share from my journey with autoimmunity, as I have learned the importance of greater self-care and self-love, having lived most of my life not realising their worth!  It is crucial that we are able to show women of all ages the importance of filling their cup first, so they have enough to share with those they love.  One of the best ways for me to do this is through food, as I thoroughly enjoy cooking and teaching others to care for themselves by feeding themselves first.

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